Software products Estimation

We prepare work breakdown structure (WBS) and provide independent quotes for products development in terms of budget and timeline

MVP Scope Definition

We help define MVP scope depending on available budget / timeline and cost / value balance

Quotes Review and negotiation

We review quotes from 3rd party vendors and help our customers understand quotes better and in professional manner

We are working with

Based on the history of our consultancy services,
we would like to outline the following types of customers we are working with 

Startup Founders

Who require our assistance in technical side of the product and road-map definition

Angel Investors

Who decided to invest in product but not sure about technical health / state of the project

Investment Funds

Who request independent review of the potential project to include into portfolio


Who require our deep knowledge in market analysis and product development

How we work

1. We sign mutual NDA

As we really care about privacy and  IP rights

2. We schedule initial call

To get acquainted, discuss your project and requirements

3. We agree scope of work

We define list of services we will be providing for you, cost and timeline

4. We Deliver our results 

On completion we send to you results of our work and schedule a call if required


We would like to outline the following core services for our customers

estimates Validation

When Customer is not sure that estimate provided by current / third-party vendor is accurate, professional or match with customer requirements

approach review

Any software product can be implemented in several ways. Our goal is to recommend the most suitable cost-effective approach

Competitors analysis

This service is offered when Customer would like to identify key product differentiation among competitors on the market

Source code review

When customer would like to be sure that software product can be scaled and maintained by another team and not by the team who developed it

MVP roadmap planning

Help Customer plan and prioritize features from point of view cost and value and fit into available MVP budget 

Team supervising

Make sure that Customer team function well in terms of velocity, quality and commitments

Proposal review

Help review proposals received from various vendors and help negotiate with selected ones

Vendor interview

We take part into vendor screening interviews and help select the most suitable ones

CTO Office services

This service is recommended when Customer is looking to outsource CTO position

Requirements Review

We help identify potential conflicts and issues that will require extra time / budget spending further

Estimates Preparation

We prepare  independent estimates as an alternative view on the budget and timeline of the product development

WBS Definition

We generate work breakdown structure (WBS) per each component of the system that will be used for quoting

Don’t hesitate and discuss your requirements now 

Types of software products

we are working with

Web Projects

Native Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Apps

Cloud Infrastructure


What we deliver on completion of each cooperation with our customers.
Depending on your requirements this list can be adjusted.

Reviewed / Commented Proposal
Source Code Audit Document
Analyzed / Commented Development Quote
MVP Road-map

Interested? Typical engagement starts from $99